Change Log

Version 3.0.0

  • Remove class based testing module.

    After using this library for a while, it has become apparent that the class-based testing isn’t useful. It also is rather un-pythonic to assert structural type information. If you are using this, then feel free to copy and paste the code from the previous version.

  • Remove top-level exports from package

    If you were referencing the test case as fluenttest.TestCase, I apologize. Removing the top level import statements makes it possible to reach into the version information without loading the package and its dependencies.

  • Switch to Python unittest naming conventions.

    Using setup_class and teardown_class causes problems if you run tests with unittest.main. Not to mention that the Standard Library uses setUpClass and tearDownClass regardless of how un-pythonic the names are.

Version 2.0.1 (15-Feb-2014)

  • Correct a packaging version defect. cannot safely retrieve the version from the __version__ attribute of the package since the import requires mock to be present. The immediate hot-fix is to duplicate the version number until I can come up with a cleaner solution.

Version 2.0.0 (15-Feb-2014)

  • Remove fluenttest.TestCase.patches attribute.

    The patches attribute was just a little too magical for my tastes and it wasn’t really necessary. Removing this attribute also removed the patch_name parameter to patch. The latter change actually simplifies things quite a bit since we no longer have to derive safe attribute names.

  • Add fluenttest.TestCase.destroy()

  • Switch to semantic versioning

  • Expose library version with __version__ attribute

  • Add Makefile to simplify development process

  • Remove usage of tox

Version 1 (27-Jul-2013)

  • Implements fluenttest.TestCase
  • Implements fluenttest.ClassTester